Vehicle Lettering

Whether your company vehicle is used all the time or just occasionally, what better way to use all that real-estate-on-wheels than to advertise your business? It’s like having a billboard on wheels and being able to advertise your company in all the prime locations.

Vehicle graphics range from small logos on car / van doors, to huge designs which completely cover the whole vehicle. Also know as Van Wrapping, Car Wrapping and Corporate Vehicle Branding, we're able to assess your vehicle and suggest a number of ways to get the best out of branding your vehicle.

And don't forget the roof! People on buses or those who live or work on the upper floors of a building will automatically see your message as they look out of the window and it will immediately attract their attention amongst all the plain roof tops.

A well thought-out vehicle sign on the back of your van gives motorists something to read as they wait in traffic queues, and if you drive around a lot then your vehicle becomes a really effective way of carrying your message to all parts of the country which promotes your brand name and creates a familiarity with you as a company which only results in more business.

Getting your vehicle covered, whether it’s only partially or fully is very straight forward for us and we can either visit you on-site to carry out the branding process or brand it back at our office. We use special vinyl that is wrapped around vehicle contours without tearing or creasing and once it is applied it effectively protects the body work from all the elements and light scratches. Taxis are the best example for full Vinyl Wrapping and when the design is removed you're left with a vehicle that looks as if it just came out of the showroom, so it’s a fantastic way of advertising and maintaining your assets! The only preparation required is that the body work of the car or van is thoroughly clean before we apply the vinyl.

When installing your Vehicle Graphics our installers will make sure the surface is cleaned and then apply the graphics, our top quality vinyl means that removal is easy and wont damage your vehicle. As well as Vehicle graphics we also offer full vehicle wraps often described as “paint replacement wraps”, these allow more space for bigger designs if you are looking to make more of a statement. Vehicle wraps allow you to change the appearance of a vehicle in a very short period of time and in turn allows you to change the vehicle back to its original appearance quickly and easily if necessary.

Our team of designers can help produce the artwork for Vehicle Graphics. Our installers can also install the graphics if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself.

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