Shop Fascias

An external shop sign or a retail fascia above the outside of the shop or even a sign situated within the window plays such a crucial role in attracting customers that it's incredibly important that it is done right as customers tend to judge you by your cover and it only reflects on how professional you are as a business. A shop sign that looks unprofessional or one that is badly executed will inevitably lose you business.

Retail fascias are an interesting division of sign making because of all the different possibilities which range right across the spectrum from simple black text on a white background to 3D back-lit neon lettering illuminated by lights. You really do have a blank canvas to create exactly what you want and the sky is the limit!

Vinyl Lettering and Fascia Design
Vinyl is the most commonly used material in the signage industry as it’s cost effective, easy to work with and flexible enough to suit most jobs. It is the material to fall back on when other materials are either too expensive or impractical to manufacture for the required fascia design.

Vinyl is vastly available in a huge range of colours from light shades to bold and vibrant colours which grab your customer’s attention and provide in-your-face impact. Alternatively, why not use a plain white vinyl and print your own design onto it using any mix of colours on our digital printing machines? This way we’re able to create a sign which is of great detail such as a photo!

Vinyl is fantastic for creating sharp lines and accurate shaping such as that required for lettering and logos and it is used on a majority of signs from front of shop signs to vehicle graphics.

Because vinyl as a material is so flexible, it can be used as a solution to create signs which may be impossible to create. For example you may want stand-off lettering to give a 3D effect but you want the lettering to be an unusual pantone colour not available for 3D lettering then the solution would be to print the pantone colour onto a vinyl and then apply it on to the 3D lettering and you’d be none-the-wiser that this technique was used!

3D Metal Lettering, Built Up Stand-Off Lettering and Logo Design
When it comes to using metal for retail signage, it is usually used for larger signs as a covered surface in which the lettering is applied to. It can also be used for plaques and fascias as an uncovered surface where the sign or company logo is etched into. Stand-off lettering or 3D lettering is also commonly used to display the shop name or logo.

Metal lettering ultimately gives off a touch of class that you don’t get from other signage formats. It denotes permanence, reliability and dependability. Our choice of metals range from stainless steel and aluminium for a modern look, to brass for the more traditional look. Bear in mind that brass does require a lot of polishing and maintenance to keep it looking clean, although it can be plated with silver or gold to keep it looking pristine and to really make it sparkle.

We stock a wide range of fonts and can advise you on which metal would work best for your application, or if you already have a font or exact requirements then we're just as happy to work to them.

Acrylic 3D Lettering, Built Up Stand-Off Lettering and Logo Design
At Imperial Signs our plastics are used as either a sign surface or as the sign itself in the form of acrylic lettering.

Using plastic as a fascia surface is usually chosen as an alternative if glass is too heavy or a safety issue. Plastic is also commonly used for illuminated signs for night lighting. Typical plastics used are: Foam, Perspex and Corex.

Acrylic lettering is a fantastic method of signage and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. It also comes in translucent colours which is great for creating lighting effects. Acrylic lettering is superb for displaying a modern, clean feel and for providing a dash of colour and bringing your sign to life. It's even possible to use shiny metal-effect Perspex to simulate a range of popular metals.

Because of the advantages of lower costs and maintenance compared to metal, acrylic lettering is used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications such as shop fascias.

New Shop Sign Boards, Tray Signs and Shop Fascias
When deciding on the right shop sign you need to consider what your logo or text is going to be made of and what it is going to be fitted to. In many cases, the shop will have an existing shop fascia which is normally a wooden sign board which can be repainted before your new metal text or acrylic text is fixed to it.

If you do not have an existing fascia, or if the existing fascia need to be replaced then we have a number of new options to choose from:
  • Aluminium Composite Sign Tray – available in a limited number of colours
  • Aluminium Sign Tray – powder coated and painted in whichever colour needed
  • Stainless Steel Sign Tray– available in Brushed Steel, Polished Steel, Brushed Gold , Polished Gold, etc
  • Wooden Fascia Sign Board – usually marine treated plywood painted in whichever colour needed

Illuminating your Shop Sign
Trough lighting and Shop Strip Lighting is a really effective way of lighting up your shop sign and making yourself more visible to the public. Poorly lit shops can lose you business! This is why having a shop light is crucial to ensuring a steady flow of business and so all passing by customers know you’re there. Our sign lighting systems are the perfect solution whether it’s a new sign due to be installed or an existing shop sign. Trough lights come in a number of finishes with the top two colours being white and black, however if there is a specific pantone colour you require then we are able to paint and colour match providing you’re able to let us know the colour ref.

Shop Awnings, Retail Canopies and Dutch Blinds
When designing your new shop front, why not consider a shop awning, shop canopy or dutch blind? Shop awnings and shop canopies not only protect your customers from the elements but they also are an incredibly good cost-effective way displaying your shop name and acting as a shop sign. Whether you need an awning to protect your customers from dining al fresco or a canopy to act as a shop sign, we have the solution for you.

There are many types of awnings available such as:
  • Dutch Blinds
  • Canopies
  • Traditional Victorian Shop Awnings
  • Custom Branded Logos
When taking over a new premises you don’t need to rip out all the existing fittings and install everything new. Providing the existing frame is in a good condition then we’re able to recover the canopy to look like new!

Temporary Retail Signs and Shop Banners
Banners are commonly used to provide a quick solution for temporary signage needs. Size is practically unlimited and for very large signs, special material can be used which allows wind to pass through which prevents it from falling down or blowing away.

Temporary shop banners are ideal if you’re under new management and not yet sure on the shop front design but still want to continue trading without any disruption.

Rigid and semi-rigid porous materials are also available which can be printed on with a design on one side and appear opaque, and yet the print can clearly be seen and deliver the intended message. Such materials can often be seen on the back of buses which provides a surface to apply the advertisement on to while still allowing the driver and passengers to see out of the windows.

Glass Signs and Retail Plaques
Glass displays and signs are commonly used as an alternative to metal plaques although nowadays it is increasingly being used for smaller general signage as a modern-looking surface on to which graphics or text is applied. Glass plaques are typically used as a high class building directory.

Glass of course, most often comes in the form of a shop front window on to which vinyl text or designs can be applied to make up a display and to complement the main shop sign above the shop, or even as the main sign itself where certain circumstances prevent an external sign being used.

We are also able to apply digitally printed vinyl and vinyl cut graphics to the rear of the plaque to display text and graphics which not only looks great but ensures a lenghty product life span.

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